Abstract Submission
Abstract Submission System
Abstract Submission Guide
Step 1. Prepare your abstract using the attached abstract template for iWOE-29.
abstract template download

Step 2. Register to the abstract submission system according to the attached guideline.
guideline download

Step 3. Basic information

  • Choose Type (Regular / Student)

  • Choose Presentation Type (Invited / Contributed Oral / Poster)

  • Manuscript Title

  • Plain text abstract can be included. But you can also fill in this section using any words and continue to the next step. In Step 3, you will be asked to submit the abstract using the template file.

Step 4. Author information

Note: Information of all authors is not required. Please make sure that the presenter’s information is correct and then continue to the next step.

  • In the selected authors section, the information is automatically filled with your iWOE-29 account’s. If the account information is different from the presenter’s, next steps will be helpful.

  • You can search the presenter’s name in a red box

  • If you cannot find the presenter, create the account following blue box

Step 5. File Upload

Upload your abstract in a single word file using the template file.

Step 6. Confirm & Submit

  • Please make sure if all information is entered correctly.

  • Check the confirmation boxes and submit.

Your abstract is successfully submitted!